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Amersterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Colorado - Denver, Colorado USA

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Arti et Amicitiae: March 19 - May 2, 1999
in "The Mind on Scale"
Sponsored by the Indoor Landart Program (ILAP)

Archipelago: an Intimate Immensity began in Amsterdam at Arti et Amicitiae, an artists' guild hall, as a room in "The Mind on Scale", a show sponsored by the Indoor Landart Program (ILAP) which also included Dutch artists. http://www.arti.nl, http://www.ilap.nl

Ann Shostrom

Maureen Connor
Madeleine Hatz
Linda Herritt
Elana Herzog
Lisa Hoke
Ann Shostrom

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Denver, Colorado, USA
Museum of Contemporary Art: June 14 - September 8, 2002

In Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art, the exhibition inspired dialogues regarding a changing landscape - immersion of new peoples, new cultures and technological stimulus. 33 artists from six states and three countries made this a seascape of dynamic and diverse contrasts. Blue and orange predominated - elemental colors of air-water, earth-fire. Among the materials used were plastic drinking cups, glass photographic plates, leather, rubber, carpet, cloth and cellophane. The museum space was transformed. http://www.mcartdenver.org

Ann Shostrom in collaboration with Cydney Payton, MCA Director/Curator

Suzanne Anker (NY)
Lillian Ball (NY)
John Bowman (NY)
Chuck Cave (CA)
Kim Dickey (CO)
Rebecca DiDomenico (CO)
Jim Dingilian (NY)
Drew Dominick (CA)
Ellen Driscoll (NY,MA)
Mary Ehrin (CO)
Madeleine Hatz (Sweden/NY)
Linda Herritt (CO)
Elana Herzog (NY)
Lisa Hoke (NY)
Stacy Levy (NY)
Terry Maker (CO)
Howard McCalebb (NY)
Burt Payne 3 (CO)
Kate Petley (CO)
• PLOT: Elizabeth Olbert (ME)
• PLOT: Helen O'Leary (Ireland)
• PLOT: Katie Holten (Ireland)
Julia Poitras Santos (CO)
Bruce Price (CO)
Chandler Romeo (CO)
Ann Shostrom (NY)
Peter Soriano (NY)
Sarah Schwartz (PA)
Yuken Teruya (NY)
Kim Turos (CA)
John Torreano (NY)
Sarah Vanderlip (CA)
Jaeha Yoo (CO)
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Denver, Colorado USA
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